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Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences

The Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences is one of the eight institutes of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Internally, the Institute is made up of four relatively independent Departments of Botany, Zoology, Geology and Geography, and The Science Education Centre.

About the Institute
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Integrating data on plant traits from the top to the roots will allow researchers to predict the effects of different global change scenarios on plant communities and their functioning across scales.
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Europe’s biodiversity continues to decline at an alarming rate, with most protected species and habitats confronting poor conservation status. Facing the pressure, it is important to understand and model the forces and processes shaping biodiversity with novel tools and methods for knowledge-based and integrated management of natural resources, opening new horizons for science, policymaking and implementation.
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Martin Haamer and Hanna Britt Soots were among the top five in the finals of the competition “Science in 3 Minutes”.
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Monitoring of the genetic diversity of wild species in Europe is inadequate and fragmented, according to an international study involving the University of Tartu published on 15 January.